Germany’s Instrument of the Year 2022 – The Drum Kit

London, 14 July 2022 – Every year, the German state music councils choose one “Instrument of the Year”. In 2021 the organ was celebrated, and this year is the turn of the drum kit. Due to its versatile use in both amateur and professional music, and its appeal to beginner musicians, the drum kit enjoys huge popularity.

The goal of this initiative is to highlight different instruments right across Germany, with each state council appointing its own patrons to encourage people to take-up the instrument, learn more about it, and to highlight the different manufacturers and printed materials available.

Hal Leonard Europe is proud to support these efforts, highlighting the broad range of sheet music and tuition material available for drums and other percussion instruments, as well as instruments and accessories from our distributed brands. Whilst the Drum Kit comes in acoustic and electronic versions, we are primarily specialising in the latter, since e-drums offer the most accessible way to learn. Browse our drums & percussion department now on (for trade customers on our dealer website) and immerse yourself and your customers in the world of rhythm!

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