Hal Leonard Europe attend Music Fusion’s Mavericks 4 Album Release Night

London, UK, 28 February 2022 – Hal Leonard Europe, leading music publisher, continue support of Music Fusion at Mavericks 4 album release night.

20th February 2022, Hal Leonard Europe joined Music Fusion at the Spring Arts Centre, Havant, UK, for the launch of their fourth album – Mavericks 4 and the announcement of the charity’s new Music Leader Programme. Music Fusion is a charity that provide music-making activities for young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity. Last year, Music Fusion were the winners of the Youth Music Awards, Social Action Award, sponsored by Hal Leonard Europe.

The event was attended by the charity’s partners and trustees, as well as friends and family members of the community. The evening included a tour of the Spring Arts Centre facilities, where the team were able to show off a recording studio and music room with equipment donated by Hal Leonard Europe. In addition, the evening included many performances and showcased the passion and talent that features on Mavericks 4.

Finally, the new Music Leaders Programme was announced. The programme was set up by Music Fusion to allow young people that have been helped by the charity to become Music Leaders, stepping into a role of responsibility, to give them an opportunity to support the next generation. The programme is already achieving great results with three generations of leaders now being employed. Music Fusion announced plans to produce Mavericks 5 and will be expanding their collaboration to 10 different areas in the UK.

The evening was a wonderful example of what the Youth Music Awards can help communities to achieve long term. Hal Leonard Europe is proud to be a sponsor of the Youth Music Awards and Music Leaders Programme which help to facilitate the next generation of music-making.

“Having been introduced at the Youth Music Awards last year, it was tremendous to visit Music Fusion HQ in Havant and see how HLE’s support is being put to good use. The performances from some of the Mavericks 4 artists were fantastic, not least from those young people getting up on stage for the first time. Best of all however, to see how the new Music Leaders Programme is training up new generations of mentors was really exciting. At HLE, we’re all about the benefits of Lifelong Music-Making; Jinx, Mike and team are making such a difference to people’s lives through making music, and their vision and passion for what they do is truly humbling and inspiring.”

Tom Farncombe, Strategic Partnerships Director, Hal Leonard Europe

“Music Fusion’s remit is to help young people (experiencing the toughest of times) to break out of their shell and make great music. We are very fortunate to have friends in the industry who help us make this happen. Since we met Hal Leonard Europe, and through their direct support of equipment and software, we have managed to greatly increase our reach and impact. Music Fusion can now achieve our aspiration to take on 10 new Music Leaders and open a much needed second studio.”

Jinx Prowse, CEO, Music Fusion UK

To read more about Hal Leonard Europe’s involvement in the Youth Music Awards, please visit: www.halleonardeurope.com/youth-music-awards-2021 or contact Lea Herrscher, Hal Leonard Europe: lherrscher@halleonardeurope.com.

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