Tycoon Percussion Partners with Hal Leonard Europe for Distribution in Selected European Territories

Leading sheet music publisher and MI distributor Hal Leonard Europe has today announced that with immediate effect, it will begin distributing Tycoon Percussion’s range of high-quality percussion products, as well as IQ Plus educational musical instruments and Kahua Ukuleles in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom territories. The addition of Tycoon, IQ Plus and Kahua to its distribution ensures Hal Leonard Europe continues its mission to offer instrument products that enable lifelong music making for everyone.

Tycoon Percussion is well-established throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of percussion products, with a line of close to one thousand instruments that includes bells, bongos, cajons, castanets, claves, congas, djembes, maracas, shakers and more. As the only hand percussion company that wholly owns its own manufacturing facility, Tycoon is able to provide industry-leading innovations and products of utmost quality to its customers, from percussion enthusiasts to professional touring musicians.

IQ Plus Music is a line of educational musical instruments that combine sound authenticity with engaging, interactive play. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, IQ Plus uses only plantation-farmed wood in the production of its instruments. The company’s mission is to provide children all over the world with the safest and very best children’s instruments, providing future generations with the opportunity to learn music and to develop that essential element of their education from an early age. 

Kahua Ukuleles was created by musicians for musicians, with the idea of bringing together a diverse community to enjoy music. From beginners to touring professionals, Kahua offers a variety of different models in its ukulele offering designed to meet the needs of every player, whether hooked up to a live stage or simply to be enjoyed at the beach or campfire with friends. Kahua’s aim is to encourage and inspire all music lovers to connect through the expression of a shared passion.

Known as part of the world’s largest publisher of printed and digital publications, sheet music and music education resources, Hal Leonard Europe is now a fast-growing distributor of musical instruments. Tycoon joins an exciting portfolio of distributed MI brands including Mahalo, Flight ukuleles, Valencia classical guitars, Michael Kelly guitars, Hartke, ZT amps and more.

“We are very excited to begin this new partnership with Hal Leonard Europe for all three of our brands. Over the past decade, we have built an excellent working relationship with Hal Leonard Corporation in the United States, and this partnership made perfect sense for us, as Hal Leonard’s passion and commitment towards furthering music education matches our own. We are confident that this new partnership with HLE will allow for Tycoon Percussion, IQ Plus Music, and Kahua Ukuleles to be enjoyed by many more people across Europe than was previously possible.”

Quincy Yu, Senior Vice President for Tycoon.

“Thanks to their in-house manufacturing, Tycoon products provide both high quality and great value. Their incredible range presents music making solutions for every type of customer – from egg shakers for the school classroom, to cajons ideal for gigging and premium drums for professionals. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play, learn and create music. We’re excited to offer Tycoon products in selected European territories that inspire percussionists towards greater creativity and to experience the joy of music making.”

Tom Venvell, Sales Director for Hal Leonard Europe.

Products are due in stock from June 2020. Resellers interested in stocking Tycoon products should contact their local Hal Leonard Europe sales representative.

About Tycoon

Tycoon is a world-renowned manufacturer of top-quality instruments and has three brands in its portfolio:  Tycoon Percussion, IQ Plus Music, and Kahua Ukuleles. Tycoon Percussion is the only hand percussion brand that owns its own factory. While other brands outsource their products from third-party manufacturers, Tycoon makes most of its products in-house with the exception being specialised instruments from various parts of the world, which are being made by skilled artisans in those countries. Owning its own factory allows Tycoon to be quickest to market with new product innovations, as well as the ability to maintain a laser sharp focus and control over the quality of its instruments. Commitment to quality control and innovation are first and foremost in Tycoon’s philosophy. Its manufacturing facility, located in Bangkok, Thailand continues to raise the bar on percussion quality and create products that are redefining the standards by which others in the industry are being judged.