Hal Leonard Europe Announces Appointment of External Advisory Group to Focus on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Leading music publisher Hal Leonard Europe (HLE) has announced the appointment of a group of external advisors to work with the company, with a particular focus on initiatives around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. The advisors are all exceptional individuals with expertise and experience in social justice activism, music creation, music education and the music industry, and will assist HLE in pursuit of its vision of Lifelong Music-Making for Everyone. The group is scheduled to meet at least twice a year to give feedback on HLE plans and monitor progress in respect of agreed actions. 

The group includes the founder of inclusive executive search firm and diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy Blue Moon Dr. Joanna Abeyie MBE; Vocal leader and Animateur Naveen Arles BCA FRSA; Musician, Researcher, Educator and Activist Dr Diljeet Kaur Bhachu; Musician, Author and Music Education Consultant Nathan Holder; Spoken Word Artist, Songwriter, and Facilitator Miss Jacqui; Deputy Chair of the UK Music Diversity Taskforce, Music Publisher, Director, Consultant and Artist Manager Paulette Long OBE; DJ, Digital Marketer, Broadcaster and Creative Producer Vanessa Maria; Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service Deputy Head of Service, Sharon Jagdev Powell; Musican’s Union Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Official John Shortell; Musician and Broadcaster Linton Stephens.

“At Hal Leonard Europe, we’re dedicated to meaningful, substantial action to progress and support our company values. We want to build upon what we have already achieved to further HLE’s role as a force for positive change – enabling more people to learn, teach, create and make music. In 2020, we published a six-point action plan around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and the formation of this Advisory Group is a key part of that plan. We’re very excited to be working with this tremendous team of people and learning from their insight and perspectives and sharing updates on the Group’s work in the near future.”

Tom Farncombe, Business Development Director, Hal Leonard Europe

For more information please contact press@halleonardeurope.com.